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    “Your mate who inspires you to live your life to fullest.”
    We are here to create a positive ambiance with the motive to build an eco-system which help you to reach the goal of satisfaction (anand).
    UTTARANAND is a one-stop shop for the user with intent to reach a specific age group of the families for 50 years and above.

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From spreading joy in your daily life to giving you tips for healthy life, Uttaranand provides you specific features
which are going to motivate you for living a happy and healthy life.



The intent of making your free time more fun, entertaining and interesting, we have curated content in the form of videos, games, songs, and article. It also gives a platform with loved ones.

JOY module is being curated to enrich your brain while playing simple quiz games, reading short articles and also giving you pleasure time by enjoying the music and videos from different era and genre curated at one place.


“We help you to create beautiful and meaningful time with a loved one and meet new ones”

Our focus is to pamper you with lots of entertainment and good time with various interactive sessions. Our aim is to get to you updated with your nearby events with the help of different portals.

Events module focuses on multiple features which may include various seminars, plan meet-ups, picnics and travel trips.

Uttaranand aims to be familiar with the problems faced by people by certain age group to have complete “Anand”.


“We care for you”

For us you are important, and we care for you. We believe in being there for you when you need us, therefore we have planned this module in which we have appointed talented relationship managers to assist you on different topics. This feature has selective options for you which include emergency numbers, booking special services and we have special feature of sending customized/personalized gifts across to your love one.


“The greatest wealth is health”

The most talked and discussed word is Health, and we know how important is to have proper plan and guideline for it. So we have planned this feature on the basis of the basic requirements of the people 50 or above. Which will includes different diet plan, yoga clips and health seminars near you and articles on awareness about health problems.


“All you need love and food of your choice”

You love eating new dishes from places across the country and equally, you love cooking them. We know you all have one or more secret recipes, and you never got the platform to showcase, so here Uttaranand gives a platform to all mothers, fathers, and grandparents to showcase their passion and love for cooking. We also have specific feature hassle free food ordering of your choice.


“Happiness is to cherish great moments of love one”

We often to forget the special days of our loved ones, and wish not repeat it again Here Uttaranand comes with the idea of remembering those special days and helping you plan it. You love to be updated about the current issues happening around you. Uttaranad got this covered for you.


“Every religion teaches love, equality and respect among other”

The devotion is like an ornament the more you have it the more beautiful you look. Satisfaction is a sign of true devotion. Therefore, we curated this feature to bring all kind of videos, live feed, and clips at one place, if you away from your home but can hear and watch them without any hassle. .


“You are happy when you around your people “

You often think to plan a small event, but while planning it one goes through the inconvience of inviting people to the event personally. And if it is a paid event then you always thinks twice before asking for money from the people in your own circle. Uttaranand team came up with the module to help you create hassle free events. It can be any kind of event from “Chai pe Charcha” to “Legal Advices”. You just need to set up the event on the app and just invite your guest- list.

About Us

It is most often found that people of any gender, cast, creed, region or status, after the age of 50 are not content with what they have. In fact having spent 50 years or more for carrier, family, nation or anything specific one should be happy, healthy, satisfied, relaxed, helpful and cheerful, with all the fulfilments and so rich experience achieved in the past. But by enlarge it is opposite and people are sad, sick, unsatisfied, insecure and lonely.

Uttaranand is an ecosystem to assist, service, entertain, support, train, educate, secure the people in their lateral life or second inning by working on the key needs of people in their lateral life. We are aim to develop this ecosystem by aggregation of services and facilitation of some specific services that will be offered through an online platform.

Thanks to the innovation in technology and service concepts, our application will be able to provide solution of most of the requirements of elderly people as and where they may require it. Our app will be live, efficient, performing and trustworthy for the elderly people and for those who cares for them.

The user of our application has worked hard in his carrier and will be using our app when he is about to retire or has retired. We understand that after retirement people are not looking at money but at the value and purpose they achieve by spending it. Our platform will channelize his/her requirements and shall create the best value proposition for our user.

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